some important info for your first visit

Our main sanctuary is closest to the portico, so after you park head there!

That is also where our Welcome Center is located!

When do your Sunday Services happen and how long is each service?

We have two services: 9:30 am and 11:00 am.  Each service is one hour.  

Will I get singled out?

No not at all! We have a very friendly fellowship--you will probably be greeted once or twice but don't worry, they will smile, shake your hand, and generally be nice! We do have registration cards if you’d like us to know you visited. If you take that to the welcome center after service they’ll give you a travel mug, info about VLC and Pastor Otto will probably write you a note that week.  

What should I wear?

Clothes please! We don't have any strict dress codes!

What is the service like?

We strive to have a church service that is relevant! So the music is current, and the atmosphere is laid back! We end each service with a time for each person to commit to change. We figure if people show up to church, they are open to working on things in their life.  

Do you have a separate service for elementary age?

We sure do, and we have lots of fun too! School aged kids start the service worshipping with their families. After worship, they are dismissed to children's church where they can learn the weekly Bible teaching while they move, play, and make friends! Children should be picked up from the South Sanctuary at the close of service. Try not to be too surprised when they ask you questions from the Bible lesson on the way home.


What if I am bringing Pre-K kids?

Newborn through Pre-k children are welcomed into our nursery program. 

In the south lobby, meet our nursery coordinator, Kalli Alvis. Kalli will help you register your child and introduce you to our background checked and trained nursery volunteers. Our volunteers will welcome your child with love, enthusiasm, and bubbles - lots of bubbles.