Victory Life is committed to partnering with community leaders to add value to the lives of the people around us. Our hope is to show love and care in the community and open up doors to share the hope of Jesus Christ with our neighbors. We call these efforts Local Missions. To this end we are engaged in a number of activities including.

Single Parent Fair

A day where we give away hundreds of backpacks with school supplies, free haircuts, massages, 

and lunch to the single parents and kids of our surrounding community.

The Harvest Party

A day where we bring joy, games, love and CANDY to the surrounding neighborhood.  

Breakfast with Santa

A morning where local kids can get a free picture with Santa, a great breakfast, 

and hear Santa tell the story of Jesus coming to earth to save us all.

After School Program

A weekly tutoring program for kids left unattended after school in some of our close neighborhoods. 

Faith and Finances

A twelve-week course offered to people in search of financial literacy

and biblical principles of wealth management.

Garden and Growth Group

A group of VLC young disciples (ages 8-12) who cultivate a garden on a local farm

and bring the produce to the local homeless shelter.

Young Adult Food Preparation

Our young adults (ages 18-25) provide meals on a regular basis for the local battered women’s shelter.

Prison Ministry

A group who shares the gospel and does mentoring at two Ohio prisons.

Nursing Home Ministry

A group who offers church services at a local nursing home.

Juvenile Detention Ministry

A group who share the gospel and mentor at the local Juvenile detention hall.

Jonathan “Red” English

  VLC partner with a church in Korea to support Red English who is serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Red uses a wide range of skills to bring the gospel to this Buddhist country where evangelical Christians make up less than 1% of the population. Red helps the local churches with children’s programs, meeting the needs of rescued children and various other types of evangelism. He currently is teaching some English classes as well as working hard to learn the local Thai language.

Jim & Jamie Loker

  Jim and Jamie work with Audio Scriptures ministry based in Holland Michigan. Jim is currently the director of the mission and facilitates distributing Audio Recorders to almost every Continent. The Loker’s worked for Wycliffe in Guatemala for many years when they saw the need for the bible in a spoken version. They minister in parts of the world where many of the people groups cannot read. They higher native speakers to read the Bible’s that have been translated and then distribute them on solar powered MP3 players so that they can listen to the gospel. Many people are hearing the gospel for the first time through the Loker’s ministry.


Ron & Brenda Anderson

Ron and Brenda Anderson have been serving in Spain since 1978 with European Christian Missions. After spending most of their missionary career planting churches in Spain God has given them a new calling. They are now using their vast experience to help church planters all over the world. Still based out of Madrid, Spain Ron spends most of his time traveling to conferences speaking to pastors and missions organizations about the call to plant churches and make disciples. He speaks on organizing and training for people working in church planting. Brenda does not do as much traveling as Ron, but has a ministry in the Meco, Madrid Federal Women’s Prison Discipling and counseling women.

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Josh & Juli Rice

Josh and Julie minister in Tepic, Mexico with their two young daughters. The Rice’s work with LaFuente Ministries planting churches all across Mexico. LaFuente has planted over 20 non-denominational evangelical churches in Mexico and Josh was formerly the pastor of their Tijuana church plant. Josh moved back to Tepic where he started his ministry so that he could be more involved with overseeing the greater church planting ministry instead of concentrating pastoring one church. He was able to turn the church in Tijuana over to Mexican pastors he had the pleasure of training.

Alan & Rosemary Armstrong

Alan & Rosemary work evangelizing and church planting in the mostly Catholic area of County Donegal in Northwest Ireland. They seek to provide evangelism in a pioneer area where there are few who know the Lord. The Armstrong’s use different types of evangelism including walking door to door to spread the gospel. They are working toward starting a strong home Bible study where they can clearly present the gospel and disciple new believers and then ultimately start a church.

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Francis & Natalie Arjona

Francis and his family serve with European Christian Missions in Cordoba Spain running The Good Samaritan Association. They started the drug rehabilitation center in 1993 helping people with addictions by showing them the principle of “helping those in need” like the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan Rehab Center has helped nearly 500 individuals work through their addictions in an Evangelical Christian environment. Francis has recently been given the opportunity to serve as the Spain Country director for ECMI overseeing the church planting in the country.


Daniel & Sierra Miller

Daniel & Sierra work with Youth with a Mission in Nashville Tenn. with their two daughters. The Miller’s started their missionary ministry in the Sudan, Africa. After political unrest they were made to leave the country with most of the other missionaries. The Miller’s have found a home working in the home office for YWAM teaching and facilitating the classes for future missionaries and church workers. As they wait for their next overseas assignment they have found a calling in helping others reach the lost around the world.


Nohemi Valero

Nohemi is a single woman serving as a National missionary in the Southern part of Spain. She has been working in a church plant for over 15 years. She helps with the children’s ministry and teaching Bible studies for this small church in an area where there are very few Evangelical Christians.

National Ministry in Senegal (Names withheld because of Persecution)

VLC supports a national family working among the Wolof people in Senegal. This country in Western Africa has less than .2% evangelical Christians. This family is leading Bible studies, church planting and training national pastors. They have been running a Christian radio program and recently started a prison ministry.