Young Adult Bible Study - Wednesday Nights at 7 PM

VLC Young Adult Lounge

Hebrews 4:12 says that "the word of God is alive and active."  Because of this, the VLC Young Adult ministry believes is vital to tune in to God's "active" word because God wants you to know what He wants to do with you, in you and around you! Please consider joining us on Wednesday nights!

*Includes both Worship and Bible study! 

Young Adult 2:42 Feast and Fellowship - First Sunday of Every Month

VLC Young Adult Lounge

Young Adult 2:42 Feast and Fellowship is a modern day expression of Acts 2:42, which says: "They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer".  As young adults, we meet once a month to talk about the Sunday morning sermon (apostles' teaching) and have a meal together

as we continue to build a strong community (fellowship) that prays and speaks God's word over one another. 

*Includes a potluck lunch, bring your favorite dish!

The Men’s ministry at Victory Life Church offers opportunities for men to grow in their faith and fellowship with other men.  

Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights

On Sunday mornings, you can consider joining a small group of men who gather to discuss Biblical topics that stimulate deep conversation about the movement and activity of God in a man’s life. Currently, this group meets at 9:15 am (Sundays) and includes a discussion on the book by Mark Batterson entitled: Play the Man. Occurs in room 307.

On Wednesday nights, men gather to grow in their leadership of their homes, work and personal lives. This group meets at 7 pm (Wednesdays) and includes a discussion on the book Stepping Up by Dennis Rainey. Occurs in room 307.

VLC Men’s Facebook Page

Victory Life Church has a facebook page for its men who its men entitled: VLC Torchbearers. This is a “men’s only” page so that men can feel free to share and ask questions. To visit and join the page, click here. 

The Victory Life Church ladies ministry provides an opportunity for the Women of VLC to grow in Christ through relevant bible studies and fellowship. 

Sunday Mornings

A small group of women meet on Sunday mornings to dive into a deep exploration of God’s word and its connection to a Women’s heart! This group meets at 9:15 am (Sundays) and is currently studying of the Book of Ruth. This study occurs in room 305.

The Vine

The Vine is a ministry which originated at VLC recently and was conceived from John 15:5, where Jesus says “I am the Vine; you are the branches.” The Vine ministry is based on the belief that the life giving source of women is rooted in Jesus Christ, the Vine. This ministry, The Vine, offers many opportunities for women to stay rooted, through bible studies, conferences, game nights and movie nights.  The main overarching goal of the Vine is to help women to connect to Jesus and one another!