Sermon Discussion Questions

On the Rock

Discussion Questions 

Below are discussion prompts and questions to help you (and your family) to talk about content related to the sermon from this week.  They serve as a guide to encourage conversation and prayer about the work of God in your lives.  Enjoy! 


Read II Chronicles 20


Sermon Point 1 - Humble yourself before God.


     What obstacles did Jehoshaphat (and God’s people) face in this story?  

     How did this situation put God’s people into a state of humility?


     Review at verse 3: How did they demonstrate their humility unto God?  


     Have you ever faced a situation that humbled you, that required a resolution in your spirit to inquire of Him?  Describe and    

     discuss with your group.


Sermon Point 2 – Focus your eyes on Him.


     Review verse 12.  What does this phrase “I do not know what to do, but my eyes are upon you” speak to you?   Is there a

     specific area of your life that needs this phrase spoken over it?  If so, can you pause for a moment and pray with your group

     about this situation and give it to God!


Sermon Point 3 – God is bigger than your situation.


     After God’s people prayed and fasted, what happened with the Spirit of the Lord?


     Review verses 20 – 30.  What did God do when His people worshiped Him on the battlefield? 


     Read Ephesians 6:10-13.  


          How do these verses related to this (II Chr. 20) story?  


          Where is the real battle?  


          How will your learnings from this (II Chr. 20) story affect how you face future battles? 


Closing: Pastor Aaron said, “Worshiping God will help us win the battles we face.”   Worshiping is something that affects the spiritual realities of the situations you encounter.  Spend some time listening and worshiping with one of your favorite (worship) songs.  Afterwards, close in prayer together!