Sermon Discussion Guide

On the Rock

The Study of Baptism

Discussion Questions   


Below are discussion prompts and questions to help you (and your family) to talk about the sermon from this week.  They serve as a guide to encourage conversation and prayer about the work of God in your lives.  Enjoy! 

Sermon Point 1: Initiate One's Christianity

Read Acts 2:38 and Romans 6:3-4

   Because Jesus purchased forgiveness for us, what must our response be?

   According to Romans 6, what happens to us when we are baptized?

Sermon Point 2:  Be Right With God

Read Acts 19:1-6

   When we are baptized today, how is John's baptism and the baptism of Jesus combined?

   Can you share some practical examples of the Holy Spirit in your life, after you were baptized?

Sermon Point 3:  Belong to Jesus, Make it Personal

   What does it mean to claim Jesus as your Savior?  

   What does it mean to claim Jesus as your Lord

   Can you discuss some practical examples of each (Savior and Lord)?

Reflection and Closing: What was one new thing you learned about your faith in Jesus during this sermon discussion?  Share this with your group and pray together that God will help lead you into a deeper relationship with Him as you navigate this important topic of Baptism.