Youth & Associate Pastor Opening

Victory Life Church in Stow, OH is looking to fill the position of Youth and Associate Pastor.  An applicant should be in possession of the following character description, competencies, and experience.


  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A desire to be led by the Holy Spirit each day
  • A high view of the inspiration of Scripture
  • A heart of service and humility
  • A demonstrable lifestyle of evangelism
  • A life committed to living and teaching traditional Judeo-Christian sexual ethics
  • A love for the local church as God's primary instrument in the world
  • A love for collaboration and a team approach to ministry


  • A strong knowledge of the Bible and Theology that forms a philosophy of ministry
  • Capability to produce talks, teachings, and sermons with Spirit-led preparation, biblical authority, and emotive connection to hearers
  • Capacity to disciple people one on one and in small group settings
  • Demonstrates a willingness and understand the need to work in the hours (often nights and weekends) that produce a vibrant Youth Ministry
  • Knows how to plan exciting services, events, outreaches and retreats relevant to Youth Ministry


  • Previous experience in multi-staff church ministry
  • Previous experience in an effective youth ministry
  • Education pertinent to be a Pastor in a professional capacity

Resumes and cover letters can be emailed to: