Bible Study Resources

Tips For Studying God's Word

Prepare your heart: Ask God to speak to you through His Word and to give you understanding.

Read your passage

Identify the big stuff
   A. Key words and phrases.  What is repeated? What words look really meaningful?

   B. Things you have questions about.

   C. Try to identify the main idea.

Dive In

   A. Use your study helps to answer your questions.

   B. Ask Why? Why did God lead the author to write these words to the people who first received them?

Engage your Heart
   A. Ask God why He preserved these words for you to read today.

   B. Ask God what you are to do with what He is speaking to you.

Weekly Bible Study Videos (2021)

Weekly Bible Study Videos (2021)

5 Videos

Righ Now Media

What is Right Now Media?

Victory Life Church has a subscription to Right Now Media which gives us (and you, with the link below) access to a digital library that has over 20,000 discipleship videos for families, youth and children.  Also, please take note of the “On the Rock” Resources channel on our VLC Right Now Media page.  Click here to view VLC’s Right Now Media Link.  Enjoy!