Victory Life Church

Children’s Pastor

Job Description

(Part-time: Beginning 1/2 time, with opportunity to move into 3/4 time)


Position Summary:

  • Be the leader of VLC Children’s ministry, includes: 1. Infants – 5 year  olds;  2. K – 6th graders
  • Advance the mission of VLC Children’s ministry by the creation and attainment of annual ministry goals
  • Develop a robust leadership team of volunteers to serve VLC children’s ministry
  • Humility, teachability and willingness to grow
  • Express ministry that explicitly aligns with VLC Vision and Mission, including but not limited to outreach and discipleship

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • A committed disciple of Jesus Christ
  • A calling to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to children and their families
  • Demonstrates a lifestyle of biblical leadership (Titus 1:5-9) 
  • Committed to the inspiration of Scripture (2nd Timothy 3:16-17)
  • A history of being a unifying presence in previous churches

General Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates an ability to connect with children (ages nursery – 6th grade)
  • Solid communication skills in teaching and meeting management
  • Strong desire to spend time mentoring and developing children towards Christlikeness
  • Competency in social media usage and church visual-media software
  • Depth of knowledge of biblical themes, concepts and theology
  • Team oriented mindset
  • A willingness to implement the VLC mission within the children’s department

Job Responsibilities:

  • Cast vision to advance the VLC Children’s ministry within the context of current VLC mission: Join the Story, Live the Story and Tell the Story
  • Recruit, develop and build a team for all age groups of VLC Children’s ministries
  • Set attainable and realistic goals to advance the mission of VLC Children’s ministry
  • Create an effective discipleship plan for VLC Children’s ministry
  • Conceptualize and implement a discipleship pipeline into VLC youth ministry
  • Sharpen ministry skills through annual participation in culturally relevant conference(s)

Nursery – 5 years old ministry

  • Oversee a weekly nursery ministry that cultivates faith in age appropriate manner
  • Establish and develop leaders for each respective class that prepares lessons aligned with overarching ministry goals
  • Develop Nursery – 5 years old ministry goals to be attained
  • Meet with (Nursery) leaders consistently to train and assess effectiveness of ministry and discipleship plan
  • Create a clear pattern of communication with VLC parents and guardians


K – 6th grade ministry

  • Oversee weekly ministry programming for children’s ministry (e.g. Children’s worship, Teaching, Small Groups, etc.)
  • Develop discipleship goals for each grade (K – 6th) that builds into following years for the purposes of lifelong commitment to Christ. (e.g. biblical literacy, biblical morality, biblical theology, basic apologetics)
  • Develop seasonal ministry opportunities (e.g. Vacation Bible School) for the purposes of outreach and discipleship
  • Organize a thriving leadership development system whereby the VLC body can serve within the VLC children’s ministry
  • Assess efficacy of VLC Children’s ministry with its leaders
  • Create a clear pattern of communication with VLC parents and guardians

General Pastoring

  • Attend all staff meetings and offer input on the vision and mission of the church
  • Participate in team-oriented church activities/initiatives
  • Monthly Pastoral Development meetings with the Senior or Executive Pastor

Education and Experience:

  • Completed degree program from an accredited College or University in Christian  Education, Family Studies, Bible/Ministry or other related field
  • Previous work in children’s ministry as a leader, intern or other pastoral role(s)
  • A history of sustained and credible ministry within a church, and substantiated by church leadership

If you are interested in this position, please send a cover letter, resume and statement of faith to: